The new "Stuzzica e vinci" Samurai contest started


Samurai rewards its fans talent in the kitchen with a trip to Berlin and chefs dinners. It takes just a pinch of creativity and fotographic talent to partecipate! A jury of 5 food-blogger experts will proclaim the winning talents,  while already giving some advice on how to best capture their own creations.
In fact, the evaluation criteria followed by the jury will be:
  • Implantation aesthetics;
  • Creativity in the realization of work;
  • Simplicity of the recipe;
  • Photo quality and technique;
  • Originality of the image;
  • Originality of SAMURAI Product Usage.
The Grand Prize consists of a two-person trip to Berlin with dinner in a prestigious restaurant. In addition, 10 smartbox of "Chefs Dinner" with the possibility of choosing between 900 different locations.

You will be able to participate in the competition until July 17th and the winner will be announced by July 31st, with the opportunity to participate also by sharing more than one of your own creations.

Create the "Samurai Effect" and win the competition! - Internet Partner