SAMURAI: New Ho.Re.Ca range


SAMURAI: New Ho.Re.Ca range
The HO.RE.CA. field is very active in Italy, with more than 400.000 firms (source: Cerved Group) such as hotels, restaurants, catering, campsites, hostels and school canteens representing a growing potential market in the past 10 years.

Samurai extends day by day its range of products, to meet the needs of a more and more demanding and professional target. A new safe range thanks to a no chemical sterilization process and food contact certification. A highly performing range for the most demanding professional users because, in addition to the food safety certifications indicated, Samurai also features the no food, flavors and scents alteration characteristic in preparation. A total safety warranty for the consumer and flavors.

The new Samurai HORECA range consists of:
  • Bamboo Deluxe heat resistant skewer, 15,20,25 and 30 cm length
  • Betulla Décor heat resistant skewer and kokeshi endind, 10 and 15 length
  • Bamboo Gourmet skewers with handle, 15 cm length
  • Décor pine wood gondola, 12 and 18 cm length
  • Sugar cane and grain Gourmet elegant square plates. Impermeable and microwave usability, 16 or 20 cm. - Internet Partner