Samurai BioNature strws: a step ahead towards sustainability


Samurai BioNature strws: a step ahead towards sustainability
Samurai is always at the forefront of eco-sustainability. In fact, these days we present a new range of straws: Samurai BioNature. Completely biodegradable and compostable, they are made of PLA, a material of natural origin derived from corn processing.

Ideal for all types of drinks based on water, alcohol and dairy products, the new Samurai BioNature straws are produced with over 60% renewable raw materials and are certified by prestigious external bodies, both for the raw material as well as for the dyes used (such as TUV Austria to guarantee compostability).

Safety and environmental friendliness, but also for everyday use, as they are straws with numerous certifications related to contact with food (compliance with EC Regulation 1935/2014, EU 10/2011, CE 2023/2006 and to the EN ISO standard: 1186-1: 2002).

Moreover, they are certified GMO free, to attest the absence of these components from the raw material. Strong investments in research and development and numerous certifications boasted for "simple" biodegradable and compostable straws!

Four proposals from the Samurai BioNature range, ecological plastic straws with an impactful and highly communicative packaging. Ideal to meet various usage needs: straws in light / dark green and with joints for cool and refreshing drinks, black for long drinks and cocktails, black with large diameter for milkshakes or smoothies rich in vitamins.

With the BioNature straws, the Samurai range is thus completed towards eco-sustainability. In fact, Samurai also offers the version of paper straws: not only beautiful, elegant and ecological but also very functional. There are two versions with different diameters and lengths, all tested for contact with various types of food, from water or alcohol soluble substances, to fibrous, fatty or starchy substances.

Samurai, another step towards sustainability. - Internet Partner