Certifications and Quality

Certifications and Quality
The products made at Sisma plants are obtained in complying with the specifications agreed upon with our customers and pursuant of standard ISO 9001 since 1998 in order to guarantee quality, safety and compliance of all products.
Certifications and Quality


The raw materials in use come from qualified and approved suppliers with regard of our Quality Management System, as well as aspects related to reference regulation. They are also tested in our in-house Quality Control laboratory in order to ascertain quality and compliance according to established requirements. They are also tested in external laboratories in order to check skin tolerance or presence of heavy metals, etc.

Organic products are certified according to the “Global Organic Textile” standard by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA). The origin of cotton and natural ingredients used to enrich it is periodically controlled to guarantee quality, traceability and compliance with environmental regulations.

Quality Policy

Sisma’s Quality Policy establishes the goals that the Company’s Board of Directors seeks to achieve in terms of business strategies, customers, market, stakeholders - and especially its employees - to ensure that performance of the Quality Management System is implemented, maintained and improved, in compliance with applicable binding standards.

The primary goal of Sisma is to maintain its position of excellence in the market of reference, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and ensure adequate profitability and financial stability in ordinary management. Next, Sisma expects to extend this role to other European markets.

The Quality Management System (QMS) complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and represents the strategic tool whose implementation will enable the goals set by the Board of Directors to be achieved.
For this season, the constructive contribution and support of the Management Team and all staff of Sisma is considered significant in order to implement the Quality Management System.

Sisma Spa’s mission is to become the Leader for innovation, quality and service, as well as a point of reference with its consumer products and brands, customers and suppliers.
To pursue its mission, Sisma Spa’s commitment is based on the following important points:

Customer orientation 
Sisma places its Customers, both consolidated and in the acquisition phase, at the centre of its business activity. To obtain customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the company and its brands, Sisma is constantly committed to:
  • Proactively intercepting and responding to customer requests and expectations;
  • Developing and creating products in line with the most significant market expectations;
  • Supplying products that comply with current regulations to ensure the health and safety of its consumers;
  • Identifying and assessing the risks related to products and context with the aim to prevent and/or limit any undesirable events.
Availability of resources
The development path towards business success goes through the effective and continuous support of resources in terms of people, equipment and technologies that Sisma is committed to making available to the structure and its collaborators. The encouragement and participation of Management and People, as well as in-house distribution of appropriate culture and methods represent the key actions for Sisma in order to achieve the set goals.

Creation of Partnerships
Sisma’s commitment towards customer satisfaction translates into a constant research of potential suppliers and in long-term collaboration with established ones, encouraging close cooperation between the parties in defining product features and performance, as well as providing concrete support in understanding and implementing the requirements requested by the Customer and binding on the product.

Constant Improvement
The constant measurements and renewal of company processes are aimed at ensuring the necessary company vitality required to follow the market and its evolution, thus guaranteeing its flexibility. Sisma intends to promote and divulge constant improvement through adequate tools and methods (“Lean Tools”) such as “Theory of Constraints and Problem Solving”; “Value Stream Mapping”; “Define Measure Analyze Implement Control new continuous improvements initiatives”; “Failure Models and Effects Analysis”; “Achieve Competitive Excellence”.

The Board of Directors:
i) acknowledged the professionalism and commitment of the Company’s Human Resources in collaborating on a daily basis in the pursuit of results,
(ii) having evaluated the investment programs for the enhancement and adaptation of equipment and structures, hereby confirms the Company’s desire to pursue the goals set out in this Policy as a tool to achieve the company's mission, requiring the Management Team to distribute and illustrate the Quality Policy at all company levels.
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