Private Label

Sisma products represent top of the quality available on the market. It guarantees to the Trade competitive advantages, thanks to continuous investments in processes and product innovation.

Sisma aims to provide the highest level of service to costumers, focusing on their most important purposes: profitability, shelf-rotation and impeccable service up to final delivery.

Sisma knows that each Customer requires a tailor-made. Best-in-class response to its needs, most of all when it comes to Provate Label. The managing team blend multinational company background and related focus on quality and excellence with the flexibility of lean, quick-reactive small scale organisations.

Sisma delivers multinational values and skills togheter with the awareness and the flexibility of a lean, local producer.

Each production phase is entirely certified, from raw material selection to customized packaging.

Decades of dedicated work lead to excellent results: since ever, Sisma Quality Control has been testing and monitoring both production processes and its selected network of qualified suppliers.

The final phase of the process complies with Sisima high-demanding quality standards, thanks to a modern logistic platform partnerships with national and international leading forwarders. - Internet Partner