Partnerships and international markets

Sisma Group has always paid attention to the importance of partners in the international markets, in a perspective of cooperation that can drive market developments in the industry of cotton and household hygiene and cleaning.   

The great business opportunities and chances that the partnerships with international companies, wholesalers and retailers provide in the areas where Sisma operates, led Sisma Group’s management to design ideal solutions for the internationalisation of the brands of the Sisma company: Cotoneve, Farmacotone, Samurai, Logex.

The company’s purpose is always that of offering products that respect a very high qualitative standard in order to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

For each product line, Sisma Group has selected and developed the most representative and sought items by consumers in the fields of personal care, home care and table hygiene. This has been done taking into account the researches on the target market and the marketing analysis performed on the reference sample, using them for a packaging with updated in order to offer, especially to the international market, a quick understanding of the content and value of its products.

These solutions for the international market have been implemented in order to allow a perfect fit of the products for the hygiene, cotton products, and products for the household cleaning of the Sisma company to the needs of international customers.  

This move can certainly bring great results orientated to the development of relationships and partnerships with international companies and wholesalers and retailers operating abroad. - Internet Partner