Logex expands the range of disposable nitrile gloves with a new professional proposal


Logex expands the range of disposable nitrile gloves with a new professional proposal
The demand for disposable gloves is constantly growing and increasingly widespreads in many sectors of use. This growth is undoubtedly driven by nitrile and the novelties of the market.

With a careful eye on the latest trends, Logex has constantly expanded its range, offering various models of gloves with different materials and different characteristics: from latex to nitrile, vinyl and CPE, materials ideal for the most sensitive skin, offering assurance such as Medical Devices and Food Contact on most of the proposals.

The latest innovation for Logex are the new disposable black nitrile gloves, designed for high technical performance and professional users.
The cosmetic and tattooing industries were the first to request black disposable gloves for obvious reasons of protection from inks and dyes and also to reduce the "stain" effect that the various colors may have on the classic latex gloves.

In the last year the demand for black single-use gloves is growing rapidly, especially in the food sector, for their use during cooking shows and in open kitchens, where you want to maintain the safety of food hygiene rules, but also a certain aesthetic taste in not showing stains on the glove during the activity or during the service to the public.

Nitrile gloves are to be preffered in cases of skin sensitivity, as well as in case of risk of contact with biological or chemical material, resulting the most correct choice in the handling of food products.

The new Logex disposable gloves in Nitrile without powder are perfectly suited to all these needs: resistant, hypoallergenic and suitable for food contact, they have a micro grip surface that confers safety of use and maximum sensitivity to touch. They are suitable for medium-term uses and have a high resistance to chemical and oily agents.
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