Logex disposable powder gloves 50 or 100 pcs

Logex disposable powder gloves 50 or 100 pcs

Logex disposable powder gloves 50 or 100 pcs

Natural rubber latex disposable glove, enriched inside with fine cornstarch powder, which makes it easier to wear the glove and keeps the hand dry during use. 

Also suitable for daily use for household and personal hygiene and for cooking: in fact, they are food contact tested and tested for food handling.

White coloured, ambidextrous, with reinforced tear-proof and non-drip cuff.

Logex Latex gloves are food contact tested.

https://www.sismagroup.com/img/ico-guanti/ce.jpgThe product complies with the safety requirements of the applicable EU directives and regulations. (Complies with the relevant EC directives)

https://www.sismagroup.com/img/ico-guanti/prodotti-alimentari.jpgLogex guarantees that the product is suitable for use in contact with food in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004

https://www.sismagroup.com/img/ico-guanti/aql.jpgLogex guarantees that the product undergoes meticulous and strict testing. The higher the AQL, the lower the quality of the product

https://www.sismagroup.com/img/ico-guanti/interno-con-polvere.jpgLogex cares about consumers’ health, which is why it highlights the fact that the product has powder inside and is therefore not suitable for those subject to allergic reactions related to powdering.

https://www.sismagroup.com/img/ico-guanti/natural-latex.jpgProduct made of natural rubber latex that may cause allergic reactions

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