Farmacotone baby develops the wet wipes range with two new SKUs


Farmacotone baby develops the wet wipes range with two new SKUs
"Once upon a time there was a caring, demanding and busy Mom who used baby wipes every day .."

Thus began the story of the mothers we thought about when creating the new range of Farmacotone Bebé wipes for baby hygiene: delicate formulas inspired by Nature, with at least 98% of natural ingredients, highly tolerable for babies’ skin.

A research that starts from consumer needs

Today’s Moms are increasingly informed, curious and practical, looking for high performance products but also formulated with beneficial ingredients for the delicate skin of their babies. That’s why for Farmacotone Bebé wipes we wanted a formula free from alcohol, silicones, pegs and chemical surfactants such as sles and sls.

A focus on Organic ingredients since 2015

In 2015 we launched Farmacotone Bebé cleansing and moisturizing wipes, with ingredients from organic farming, achieving great success on Italian market and abroad.

Since their launch, Farmacotone has grown in the market gaining the trust of mothers thanks to its innovative and safe formula. The brand has recorded + 116% growth in value (2019 vs. 2015, IRI Italian markets), climbing the top 30 of IRI year after year, reaching the # 4 position in the ranking.* (single pack baby wipes 70/72 pcs per pack).

Strengthened by the successful case history of Farmacotone, we have enriched the baby range by revisiting the main product and creating two new ones:

- Natural Bebé: green positioning, centered on a formula with natural ingredients. Delicate wipes for the cleansing and daily hygiene of the child, up to 98.8% of ingredients of natural origin: ALOE JUICE and ALMOND from organic farming, for a soothing and calming effect on the skin and a delicate cherry scent.

Natural Bebé, 72 wet wipes, hydrating and soothing effect

- For sensitive skin we have created Puresse Bebé, baby wipes for extra gentle cleansing, specifically formulated and clinically tested. 99.3% of ingredients are of natural origin: CALENDULA EXTRACT for a soothing action, and INULIN, which helps maintain the natural balance of the skin microenvironment and protects the delicate skin of the child.

Puresse Bebé, 60 wipes with balancing and soothing action with freshness-saving closure

- For out-of-home comfort, here are the specially designed cleansing wipes for pacifiers, pediatric aids, toys and objects that come into contact with children's mouth. Odorless and tasteless formula, with GINGER EXTRACT and BISABOLOL, ideal for sanitizing any object.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and for contact compliance with the oral mucosa, SOS BEBE' wipes are also useful for cleansing face and hands.

SOS Bebé, 15 cleansing wipes, odorless and tasteless formula

The three SKUs are the result of a careful study of the markets, which registered a growth in volume of the baby wipe category in the last few years, even though the value has remained stable. Innovations and novelties in terms of organic and sensitive formulas, on which we have decided to focus, are the key for to success in this category.

Farmacotone Bebé wipes complete a range of accessories for baby care and hygiene such as baby cotton pads and buds, and bath sponges. These last are tested for the safety of eyes and skin contact, to guarantee safety and suitability for any kind of needs. - Internet Partner