Sisma group was funded in Mantua in 1965 by the Lotti family.
The group grew throughout the years and now operates with two plants located in the provinces of Mantua and Milan, respectively specialised in household articles and in the production of absorbent cotton and derivatives (such as make-up remover cotton pads, cotton buds and cotton balls). 

In the production and processing plants of Sisma Group, extremely delicate materials are processed, which is why the technologically advanced processes used, monitored by highly skilled staff, are a crucial condition for the quality of the products that come out of our plants to be at the highest levels. 

Since1998, Sisma has been ISO 9002 certified (afterwards ISO 9001:2008), to further guarantee a constant and rigorous compliance with the rules governing the company production system, managed in the premises of Mantua  through a complex administrative, logistic, sales and marketing organisation. 

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure everyone who uses our articles  and services an extremely high quality standard of production, and to make an ongoing effort to guarantee reasonable prices, as well as to carry out our Clients' orders accurately and without delays. 

We believe it is our responsibility to guarantee to all those that use our items and services a qualitatively very high production standard, always striving to provide the best products for our customers. 

Our commitment is to help develop the community where we live and work, doing our best every day to create better products, taking care both of their hygiene and their macro biology. 
By bleaching raw cotton exclusively with natural compounds, we want to provide the Consumers with safe hygiene, while protecting from pollution the environment and the natural resources that we have the privilege to use. 

This is the philosophy that we strive daily to pursue to serve our Clients with respect, which has made Sisma the most important firm in Italy in the sectors it operates in, and among the foremost in Europe, with exports throughout the world: ready to welcome the new and increasingly important opportunities that the European and world markets offer in the new millennium.

Sisma group produces products for personal hygiene such as cosmetic applicators, pure cotton swabs, cotton pads, antibacterial cotton sticks, anc all products necessary for the household cleaning. There are three product lines: Home Care, Personal Care, Food Care .

Home care

Household hygiene such as sponges, abrasive sponges, gloves and cleaning cloths.

Personal care

Personal care and hygiene products: cotton balls, cotton buds, makeup removal cotton pads, body sponges.


A complete line of very high quality products for the parapharmaceutical dressing that responds with efficacy and safety to the families’ needs about hygiene and first aid.

Food Care

Products for the table and parties such as toothpicks, straws and balloons.

Sisma S.p.A.

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