New Logex disposable gloves range


New Logex disposable gloves range

Logex extends disposable gloves range enriching the professional assortment.

Always aware of consumer needs, we have created a powder-free range for sensitive skin and extended protection and safety with two medical device disposable gloves.

The new gloves are available in various materials - natural latex, nitrile, vinyl, CPE - and easily distinguishable on shelfs thanks to distinctive colors on the glove image and the packaging background.

The entire Logex disposable gloves range is food contact certified, making them suitable for handling food avoiding contamination and alterations of organoleptic characteristics.


The range also satisfies the needs of all consumers:

- Two medical devices - latex and nitrile - for maximum protection and safety
- Disposable latex gloves for maximum comfort thanks to the characteristics of elasticity and strength
- Disposable nitrile gloves with distinctive color - purple / blue - ideal for food handling and latex free
- Synthetic materials, such as vinyl and CPE, to meet all needs thanks to excellent value for money

To complement the category, Logex has an assortment of reusable gloves - latex and nitrile - ideal for homework.

Logex is constantly seeking innovation in order to expand its product range and meet all consumer needs in total security and high quality offer. - Internet Partner